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We offer a full range of vehicle re-mapping no matter what size, type of vehicle you run we have a solution for you.

Our re-mapping services can make your vehicle:

up to 25% more fuel efficient
up to 35% more powerful
and more fun to drive.

Car manufacturers are known to pre-program their cars ECUs so that they are not performing at peak efficiency and to the maximum level. This allows them to release a sports version or a “special version” of the vehicle.

What is Re-mapping?

Re-mapping is the process of altering the car engine's computer, which also known as the ECU. The ECU is pre programmed to manage lots of functions such as sensors, fuel injection, airflow etc. By re-mapping your vehicle the cars performance can be improved.

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If you are looking for an inexpensive yet high-quality car service, you have to visit these guys for a quick checkup. They will diagnose your vehicle expertly and come up with a solution right away!

William Sanders


I don’t know what I would do without your professional help! My old Corolla runs smoothly because of the capable mechanics that work at your shop. Thank you, I appreciate the great job that you’ve done.

Linda Moore


I was hoping for a simple oil change, but when I came to this body shop they found an issue with the brakes, and I am so grateful for the fast and effective help! The car works fine, thank you so much!

Jeremy Watts


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