Winter Tyres vs All Season tyres – Which is best for you?

This is a common question asked by our customers, we have this information here to help you make the best decision for your car and budget.

Winter Tyres

These tyres are best for winter conditions as the name would suggest. Normal tyres stiffen up in the colder weather and are more susceptible to skid on the snow/ice. Winter tyres are designed to stay flexible in low temperatures by using a different type of rubber and tread pattern, some even have the option to insert metal studs into the tyre for additional traction in the snow. The only problem with these tyres is, they are the complete opposite of that what you need in the summer.

All Season Tyres

These tyres are best for if you drive your car when we have extreme snowy winters with snow or the heat of the summer here in Bradford. All season tyres are the best for compromise and convenience of not having to change tyres for each season. These tyres are the go-to option all year round and are great for if you are on a budget and you still could keep wheel chains in your boot for if the weather calls for it. All season tyres are very well balanced, and they have treads that are suitable for driving in the warmer summer months and good for the Icey roads in winter, so they are a great option. The drawback is that they are not amazing for each end of the spectrum, tyres designed specifically for winter will be the better option for ice and snow, and tyres designed for the summer will have treads best suited for the dry roads and give the most optimal grip in the extreme weather.

Some factors you should consider are:

Can you afford to purchase tyres for each extreme season and can you afford to pay our mechanics to change them over when required.

If you live on some steep hills that get covered in ice and snow and struggle to get up or down can you afford not to have the safer winter tyres, or could you manage with the chains that you could attach over the all-season tyres.

If you have the budget for any circumstance, what do you really need? It might be better to get some higher quality all-season tyres rather than some budget sets of other season types. It could depend on if you drive your car a lot in the winter months or not and what you can get by with.

I hope this information will help you decide what is best for you. If you have any queries, be sure to call us on 01274 667082.

Make sure you stay safe.

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